“Bringing a family’s dream to life is our passion! Quality and honesty has always taken precedence on all of our projects.” – Mac Ford

Our goal at Mac Ford Custom Building is to provide professional craftsmanship and guidance throughout an entire construction project.  We are constantly striving for excellence in our product, which reflects in our distinguished attention to detail and quality of work.

We have found through the years that “hand-holding” is a vital piece of the puzzle in any project.  We believe building a new home or doing a kitchen renovation should be a pleasurable experience for the homeowner.

We attribute our success to years of developing our creativity, imagination and most importantly, building a trusting relationship with you the homeowner.

♦ We are the Builder/General Contractor who is on the job every day creating and  working frame to finish and overseeing the other contractors work and progress.
♦ In business for over 25 years with the same loyal subcontractors on the job with us.
♦ Specializing in waterfront construction and handling all permitting issues!
♦ Complimentary meeting to discuss customers goals and objectives.
♦ Complete in-house design of home or project.
♦ Each individual project is completed before another one is started.
♦ Satisfaction for the customer is a must.
♦ No job too big or small
♦ Attention to detail, Quality driven
♦ Custom cabinet work, stair systems, kitchens etc.
♦ Highly skilled and experienced interior and exterior craftsman


  • The most import reason we return to Mac Ford Builders is integrity. They will not build anything of questionable nature or anything that might adversely affect the value of your property without questioning your reasoning and making alternative suggestions. –Sue & George A.

  • Without becoming too emotional, Lea and I want to thank you for making our dream home a reality.  It has been a positive and uplifting experience because you made the construction process easy and enjoyable.  You anticipated virtually all of our concerns, made timely recommendations that have enhanced our living environment and provided counsel when we needed it.  Above all, superior construction quality is evident throughout the house, making us the proud owners of the best "Lake Home" on Great East Lake.–G.F.J.

  • Thought I write to tell you about the friends we had visiting last weekend. Doug and Noreen fromNew Jersey, among other interests he dabbles in real estate. Doug was totally impressed with the design and construction of our home. It was amusing to watch him wander around with a critical eye, searching for flaws. At one point we observed him standing in front of the “great window” studying the detail of the window trim for about twenty minutes. On Sunday he announced, in a mzement. That he had examined nearly all of the 45 degree trim points and had not found any indication of separation. He went on to rave about the quality construction and wondered if you would travel to New Jersey. . . –Jerry

  • When Mac takes on a project he devotes himself to the project whole-heartedly. During both of the projects that he was involved in for us…Mac always presented himself bright and early, same time every morning wand worked a full day each and every week until the project was completed. There is no hesitation on my part whatsoever that if I were to have further work performed…Mac would be the individual that I would want to utilize.–J.D.W.

  • I would recommend you and your crew to anyone considering a new home or remodeling. Your work is superior and as you know, we have had a good deal of opportunity to see many homes in our line of work. More than that, your advice and counsel throughout the process made our lives much easier and pleasant. I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed working with you and your crew. They were always willing to help. They were more than courteous and always treated us in a professional manner.–C.B.